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Writing A Thesis On Your Own: Using An Example

Using a good thesis example is the best way to ensure that your own thesis meets the standard it requires to be read and accepted by your professor. Students are advised to source thesis examples to help their writing along, but are not always guided on how to follow such a method of comparison. So when you’ve resolved to write your thesis yourself and need some assistance with the referral process, here are some tips that will help you succeed.

Getting help on the layout

If you’ve got a thesis example available, you may as well use it to your advantage and get as many tips as you can on what your paper format should be. If your thesis is in APA format, then make sure you have on hand an APA written example. There’s no point in writing your master’s thesis and referring to a doctoral dissertation. Get the example that matches your own assignment so that you can gain insight into format guidelines.

Ensuring relevance

Looking at someone else’s thesis will help you to pick up what is deemed significant and what is not. Note how the writer in your thesis example conveys his or her points in each paragraph and try to mimic this style in your own way by making sure that each point is relevant and each paragraph is sequentially flowing the way it should.

The subject matter

It’s great to get a thesis example that is written on the same or similar subject as what yours is. This will give you a chance to get some topic material on your paper as well as look at your subject material from another viewpoint. Should you find an area of discussion that you overlooked, it’s fine to be reminded of that and include it into your own paper; but be sure not to rely on the example points too much and thereby neglect your own study and research.

Be careful not to copy

Comparing your thesis with one that’s already been scrutinized is a big help, but don’t be tempted to take too much out of your example. Thesis examples are there for comparison, not material. Your research, opinion, and writing style should be your own, so beware of relying too much on someone else’s ideas; instead, form your own.