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Top Dissertation Writing Tips

According to some graduate school experts and college officials, there are doctoral students who do well in the program until it is time to complete their dissertations. One reason for this is because some doctoral students get intimidated by the process of going from a student to a scholar who is completing a large, complex and independent project.  Before you decide to enter a doctoral program, you need to ask yourself if you have the desire and commitment to stick through the program because the dissertation is the most important assignment you will complete. You should see the dissertation as a tool that you can use in your future scholarly career as a professor or dean of a college department.

Choosing Your Topic

Keep in mind that you may not write on the same topic near the end of the dissertation as you did in the beginning of the dissertation process because while writing it you may change your topic after gathering more research and talking with your adviser about the topic. You may also decide cut out certain chapters and research material from the dissertation if they're not relevant to the topic.

Talk With Your Dissertation Adviser

This is important because although you will doing the work independently, you want to check in with him periodically to make sure your dissertation is on the right track. Before you start the research for the dissertation, you want to mention your topic and get his feedback as to if your topic would be feasible. If your adviser approves of your topic, you can proceed with the dissertation.

What About Writer's Block During The Dissertation?

One sign of writer's block is when you experience difficulty in writing your thoughts clearly and if this is your situation, you want to step away from the writing process briefly and gather more research on the topic. You can also write an outline of the first three chapters of the dissertation because it helps you become more organized with the dissertation. Sometimes it is a lack of work-family balance that causes writer's block.

Write The Dissertation in Sections

To cut down on the amount of writing you'll need to do during the dissertation process, you should break down the topics in sections and spend an hour or two each day in gathering and organizing the notes. When you approach this topic this way, you have less stress and you'll have less to do on the due date of the dissertation.