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For the average grad student staying up until the wee hours every night to work on a thesis and chug coffee, there seems to be no way out. A dissertation has to be written; it’s an unavoidable part of getting your graduate degree. Most students are unaware that professional dissertation writing help is an option, and those who have heard of it know very little about it. To consider whether or not professional thesis writing services are right for you, take a lot at some of the answers to the most common questions about them.

What kinds of dissertation writing help services are available?

There are two main types of services available – there are writing services and editing services. Both services are exactly what they sound like. A writing service will take your research notes and turn them into a completed dissertation, with minimal effort on your part. In fact, some services will complete your research for you; just enter your topic and the number of sources you need cited, and a thesis writer will do the rest. Editing services, on the other hand, simply adjust the thesis paper you’ve already written to eliminate mistakes and make it more polished. There are multiple thesis companies and freelancers out there who provide each service, so either way, you’ll have plenty of options.

How much do these professional services cost?

Generally, both professional dissertation writing and editing services charge by the page, although in some rare cases you may see services that charge per a set number of words, or even by the hour. Typically, as degrees get more advanced, costs go up – an undergraduate thesis will have the lowest cost per page, and a doctoral thesis will have the highest. Costs vary wildly, but a Master’s thesis tends to cost between $10-$14 per page, while a PhD thesis runs between $15-$20 per page. A writer with more experience and education will naturally expect more money for his or her craft, so be prepared to shell out a bit more for top-notch quality.

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  • Dissertations

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