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Where to Get Examples of Dissertation Proposals for Free

Are you looking for a free example of a dissertation proposal as a template to write your own? If you are, then you’re making a wise move. Nothing will help you more to write your dissertation proposal properly than a previously written one.

Fortunately for you, there are many published dissertations that contain proposals for you to scrutinize. Where to find these is what we’ll show you how to do right here.

Get examples online... but be careful

Yes, the internet is a viable place to search for a proposal example, but it may take you longer than you think. There’s a throng of bad examples that would prove less helpful than you would like. The hard part is sifting through all of these to find the good ones.

For this reason, many students opt to pay for their dissertation examples. If this is not an option for you, then ask yourself if the time spent searching is worthwhile. If you decide that it is, here are two more place you can search.

School archives

Your college will likely keep a number of former students’ dissertations and proposals on hand. Depending on your school policies, you should be able to access these. If they are lying at your college writing center, it’s possible that the administrator of the center won’t allow you to keep the example or even borrow it for a while. However, you can simply bring your assignment to the writing center and use the template on the premises, instead of at your home.

Combine the concept with the format

Most non-fictional books contain a proposal, but not in the format you’ll be expected to write in. Consider going to the library and getting a book that’s relevant to your subject. Then, go online and get the proper format for a dissertation proposal—as these are usually free.

The beginning stages of the book should give you an idea of how and why the writer has gone about writing his or her book. Combine that concept with the format guidelines you’ve sourced online, and write a dissertation proposal that’s compelling and fits in well with academic persuasion.

It should be noted once again that most students find it beneficial to pay for pre-written proposal examples to avoid the frustration of searching. But as you have seen, it is possible to get a free example if that is the option you choose.