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Geography Dissertation Ideas – How to Be Unique

Getting ideas for things like geography might be a bit difficult for some people. If you are one of those people, don’t worry…you are not alone. For example, I used to have the very same trouble with Geography. It was so bad that I actually failed the same geography class not once but twice. I got A’s in everything else though so clearly stupidity was not the issue. When I took the class the third time I aced it. So, what happened? What was it that I changed in order to get an A in a class that I had already failed twice? If you want to know my secret then you need to keep reading.

My secret is actually quite simple. I learned how to write a more specific paper. When I first started with geography I looked at it as a whole and did not break it down into parts. Now, I bet by now you are wondering what my geography class has to do with your dissertation. I’m getting to it, I promise.

Break it Down

When you are writing a dissertation about geography or anything else, you need to break it down just as I had to learn how to break it down. For example: when you need to write a dissertation on a geographical topic you start with the earth. Ok, the earth has two different categories geographically speaking. There is human geography and physical geography.

Even More

Both of those categories can be further broken down. With human geography you can break it down further into things like cultural geography, economic geography or even historical or time geography. With physical geography you could go with climatology, geodesy or even glaciology. There are many more things within those two categories; those are just a few examples.

You are Almost There

Once you have broken it down into the categories, you can then come up with an idea more easily. That is the method that I learned and it took me from making F’s to making A’s. If it worked for me then it can work for you too. Think of it as setting goals. Your category can be your first goal and your subcategory can be your second goal. Your idea can be the third goal and the finished paper would be the ultimate goal…the one that all of the smaller goals lead up to. It will seem much easier when you break it down into small steps and it will no longer be an overwhelming task to accomplish.