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What exactly is a dissertation literature review and how to choose the sources for it?

When you are writing some sort of academic paper the dissertation review is done to dictate to the world what a person should know about the literature that is important to your concentration. Writing a dissertation is going to be one of the cumulative educational experiences of your life and will live on to show the world of your prowess of knowledge in this area. There actually could be two different purposes addressed in your writing. If the reader is much less knowledgeable than you than the focus of your writing should be on the instructional side. If the readership is an expert in your topic then the purpose is to show your familiarity and mastery of the subject that you are learning about. No matter what your audience choosing your sources is going to be one of the most important parts of the writing process.

What to Consider

There are going to be a lot of different requirements for the choosing of a literary work for your dissertation literature review. One of the first factors has to be the value of the author who wrote it and other works. Analyze the credentials of the author and if they are significant enough to include in a dissertation. Your prowess as a scholar is going to be tied forever to the relative quality of the authors of the works of literacy that you will review.

Another consideration is going to be about the author’s perspective of things is even or is it a biased thought? This can help to guide the validity of an evaluation a dissertation paper may be providing. It is not very easy to share the credibility of the author when they are blatantly racist or have some other opinion that is going to taint their work. Again you will be linked to them always if you choose their work for a literary dissertation review, so choose someone who represents views that you can be proud of.

Finally the credibility of the author that you choose to do your literature dissertation review on. Does their work stand the test of time or are they simply a one hit wonder. There are thousands of books written all the time that have no real value other than a bubble gum entertainment. While others are written and they are chose n to stand the test of time.