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Is It Safe to Buy Dissertations Online?

As with any online purchase, online dissertations do have their risks. If you’re considering writing your thesis with a credit card instead of a keyboard, there are two major risks you should keep in mind:

  • There is always a chance that you will get ripped off. As long as fraudulent writing services can make a profit, they will continue to exist. At best, a scam site will provide you with a poorly written mess cobbled together by an underpaid foreign writer with a tenuous grasp of the English language. At worst, you’ll see your credit card get charged and never receive a paper at all.
  • You could get caught. Buying dissertations online isn’t illegal, but it’s not exactly a great display of academic honesty. Graduate students are supposed to write their own thesis in order to graduate; having your advisor grow suspicious of a purchased thesis that doesn’t match your writing style could be disastrous. Worse yet, a disreputable writing service could give you a paper that’s heavily plagiarized – the consequences of being caught with something like that don’t even need to be described.

Despite the risks involved, there are ways to protect yourself when buying a dissertation online. Those of you looking to practice safe thesis purchasing should:

  • Do your research before choosing a dissertation service. Read customer reviews, check the website carefully for signs of deception, and call or live chat with the website to make sure they’re not communicating in telltale broken English. If it’s an individual freelancer you’re hiring, make sure you see writing samples and references before making any kind of deal.
  • Use a protected payment system. Never, ever pay for your dissertation with Western Union or another direct money wiring service. Those types of payments cannot be traced or recovered, and are only intended for sending money to friends and loved ones you trust. No reputable thesis writing service will ask you to send payment by Western Union money transfer. Credit cards provide a little more security, but it can be hard to prove when you’ve been a victim of fraud, and getting your money refunded is never a guarantee. Online payment systems like PayPal and Escrow services are much better – the writing service never gets direct access to your credit card details, and if anything goes awry, you can easily file a dispute and get your money back with little hassle.
  • Check the authenticity and originality of the paper you receive. Dozens of anti-plagiarism tools have popped up all over the place to stem the tidal waves of cheating that came with the dawn of the information age. Use them to your advantage and ensure you won’t be caught for a crime you didn’t commit. Services like Turn It In and CopyScape will quickly tell you if you’ve been given a plagiarized thesis, and they’ll even do it for free.