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How to Complete a Successful Doctoral Dissertation

A doctoral dissertation means a lot of hard work. You need to do that extra mile to be able to get a PhD degree. It is not going to be very easy to write a doctoral dissertation. However, if you get some expert advice and follow the suggestions carefully you will do a lot better. This article contains a systematic guide to writing a successful dissertation. You need to understand that the dissertation committee members at your university will only approve your dissertation if it is well composed. They check hundreds of dissertations every year and yours needs to stand out. You should be able to impress them with your skills so that they grade you well on this paper.

If you are at the start of your final year in the doctorate degree, you should start working on the dissertation. Some of your fellows may already be on their way to get the synopsis approved. You need to pace up. However, you still have a complete year to do you dissertation, you can achieve it without a problem if you follow these steps.

Plan your dissertation

The first thing you need to do is plan. There is no success in this world without organizing and planning your work process. Calculate the time you are left with, divide the number of days on number of chapters or total number of words to get a daily word count. When you have this, you can easily organize your paper. Always keep a margin for unexpected delays, illness, special occasions, family hangouts, and other things.

Set short and long term milestones

You already have a daily word count. This is your short-term milestone. For long-term milestones, you can set monthly and weekly targets based on the number of chapters. Milestones are a great help to keep you motivated and stay on the right track. You can also finish early if you stick to your plan and do not delay anything.

Choose your area of interest

It is very important to narrow down your subject by dividing it into categories and sub categories. This way you will have a direction for your paper.

After that you can,

  • Create a research methodology

    Data collection

    Data analysis

  • Create an outline
  • Write the first draft
  • Edit and improve
  • Write your paper
  • Edit and proof read