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Choosing Winning Constitutional Law Dissertation Topics

You have a chance to make a very impressive dissertation with constitutional law as your subject. In order to make sure that your paper makes a strong impression on the readers and your prospective employers, you need to think about your exact topic very carefully. Consider your plans and ambitions and determine what exactly you need to focus on professionally to achieve them. Remember that many companies will not go further than reading the title of your dissertation from your CV. Therefore, you need to choose something that will help you gain the job in a firm that will ensure you achieve your ambitions.

Here are a few suggestions you can consider when looking for an original and inspirational dissertation topic on the subject of constitutional law:

  • First Amendment issues: true freedom of expression.
  • Where does personal expression end and interference with another human being rights begin? What issues arise due to the exact wording of the First Amendment? How can they be exploited in various situations?

  • Censorship today.
  • Study some of the recent censorship cases. How does censorship interfere with the constitutional right of every individual to express his or her views freely?

  • Gun control laws.
  • How do the recent changes in gun control laws interfere with people’s constitutional rights? How can the gun control laws be changed to make sure they don’t interfere with people’s constitutional rights?

  • Electronic privacy rights.
  • How does the advent of electronic communication and the Internet affect personal freedom and privacy of people? Offer your suggestions on how to rectify this situation and protect people’s privacy more efficiently.

  • Standardized uniforms as a tool that deprives people of personal freedom of expression.
  • How wearing standardized uniforms affects people? Make a string case against these clothes and supply some historical examples.

  • Civil liberties.
  • What acts fall under the remit of civil liberties? When do civilians cross the line with their liberties? What are the best methods to prove that the line has indeed been crossed?

  • English as the only language in the U.S.
  • Does this law interfere with personal freedom of certain citizens? Can you offer any solutions to rectify this situation?

  • Local land control.
  • Examine land control laws in your state and cross check them with the constitutional rights of every citizen. Are there any issues that you can point out?

  • No-knock searches.
  • Can these searches be permitted under certain circumstances? Define the situations where this method can be acceptable.

  • Police I.D. checks.
  • Is this an infringement of personal freedom? What is the real purpose of these checks?