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How Many Students on Average Seek Help Writing a Dissertation?

If you have ever considered getting help with the writing process of a dissertation or having someone write the entire thing for you, you're not alone. Many people do and for many reasons. According to multiple online sites that sell such services, the number of students seeking college homework help or wondering where to buy dissertation papers ranges from 37 percent to 52 percent. That's a lot of college kids needing help! If you wonder why so many do, check out these common reasons given.

Confused about what to do

Different professors require different formats, and some even make up their own formats. With so many variances, students find themselves often confused by what to do for each dissertation they must write. They turn to professional writers to help them understand the differing formats and rules for each paper.

Not enough time

Aside form not knowing what to do and how to properly write a paper, students are also short on time, especially when they have more than one dissertation to turn in at a time. For this reason, they often seek help in writing the papers or buy one or two professionally written papers.

Not enough know-how

Even when they understand what the teacher asks of them, many students just don't know how to write a solid dissertation, so they ask for help. Often, though, they forgo getting help and just skip to buying a paper they know is well-written because it has been done by a professional.

No desire to write papers

In today's fast-paced world, students don't want to devote a lot of time to writing a paper. They want something done for them, quickly, and they're willing to pay someone to help or do the work for them. It is worth the money they spend to have someone take care fo the work rather than devoting the time to it themselves.

If you have ever considered or needed help writing a paper, or if you have ever wanted the paper written for you by a professional, you're not alone. Roughly half of the college students facing dissertations have considered or done such a thing for a variety of reasons. If your reasons are sound and spending the money is worth it to you, there are a plethora of options available to you. You can find help online or even right in your local area with freelance writers or tutors.