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How To Find A Good Example Of A Dissertation Acknowledgment

One of the most stressful things for students is writing the acknowledgements for their dissertation. They can become literally terrified that they may leave someone important out. One suggestion to avoid this is to keep a running list of contributors as they are made. Then the trick is to create a balance between giving thanks to the ones who should be included and everyone who had something meaningful to contribute.

Since the majority of the rest of your paper will be full of scientific, technical, and occasionally difficult-to-understand language, the good thing about writing this portion is that you are able to regular language that feels comfortable to you. It is also the easiest part to write when you have a list to work from. What you need to remember is that along with the people you are acknowledging, you need to state why their help was invaluable to you. Be honest and speak from the heart.

Where to find good examples

There are plenty of approaches that can be taken by students. Some are more formal than others, but unless you have been specifically directed to format it a certain way, you can use what works best for you. Make sure that you have read your final draft over several times. Once it has been posted to your school's repository or put into print it is hard to change.

  • Search online: You can find almost unlimited dissertations online that you will be able to take a look at. If there is a certain scholar whose work in your field that you admire, you can also search for papers that they have written.
  • School library: One of the easiest ways to wade through all the information listed on your school's website is to take a little shortcut. Go back to your search engine and type in the name of your school along with the keywords "dissertation repository". You will be able to see what has been submitted by previous students of your advisors and other work that has recently been completed by other fields at your institution.
  • Academic publications: All of the best and most recent research is published in a variety of different journals and magazines. If you are looking to see how the most recent graduates did their acknowledgement section and don't want to wait for the article to come out, the world of academia has finally begun upgrading to the electronic format, resulting in earlier publication than for print versions.