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What Are the Non-Dissertation PhD Degree Papers

Not all degrees are created equal. The way we attain higher education these days is different from what it used to be. We’ve changed, and with this degrees have changed also. It used to be that if you were doing a PhD you had to do a dissertation, but these days our idea of what it means to understand your work has changed. There are many degrees you can now obtain that allow you to work a little differently. Here are just a few examples of what else you can do instead of a dissertation.

  • Applied Project
  • Research Project
  • Pedagogical Training

Applied Project

An applied Project is a fancy name for doing something practical. Depending on what field you are in this can look like any number of different things. For example, if you are studying music, you could do an Applied Project on writing a new piece of music or figuring out a new way to write sheet music. Or, if you are in Biology, you could do one on what happens to a plant under prolonged UV light exposure. It all depends on what you’re focusing on and where your interests lie. The great thing about an Applied Project is that it is very hands on, so if you’re not great with words this could be good for you.

Research Project

A research project is akin to a dissertation, but there are differences. Again, depending on what studies you are in and where your focus lies, it can look like one of many different things. The thing to keep in mind with a Research Project is that it is usually worth slightly less credits, but that is why people often supplement a Research Project with some other work. They are also shorter, so if you detest the idea of a super long dissertation a Research Project might be right up your alley.

Pedagogical Training

The end result of a dissertation is proving that you know what you’re supposed to know. The Research Project makes you write, the Applied Project makes you think, and the Pedagogical Training makes you do. It is mostly for teachers in training, but it puts them in the classroom and makes them put their knowledge to the test. If you want to prove you can do it, then just do it.

Any of these three things can be done instead of a dissertation for your PhD.