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7 Great Ideas For Writing A Business Dissertation

A business PhD dissertation topic may fall into one of several different areas of study. Some of the most popular include finance, marketing, behavioral sciences and accounting. Many institutions have interdisciplinary PhD programs that allow candidates to pursue a path that combines two disciplines. For example, marketing and psychology could make for any number of fascinating PhD dissertation topics.

Taking an interdisciplinary approach to your business PhD dissertation is one idea to make your paper shine. Here are seven more that you may find useful:

  1. Make Use Of A High Level Research Group

    Consulting with your peers is a valuable way to get feedback on your own work, and keep abreast of breakthroughs that others are making.

  2. Consult Frequently With Your Supervisor

    You should arrange to have regular meetings with your adviser and other faculty members. Expert advice (and constructive criticism) will help perfect your paper.

  3. Keep Up To Date With Ongoing Research And Publications

    Visit the websites and read the blogs of other institutions and research facilities that are conducting work that is related to your own dissertation.

  4. Have A Comprehensive Research Plan

    Starting out with an outline that details the direction your research and work will take is essential. Equally important is realizing that your dissertation will be an ongoing and organic process. Expect the unexpected when it comes to research results, and what you now perceive as the easy and the hard bits.

  5. Set Goals For Your Work (And Achieve Them!)

    Keep a calendar that relates only to your dissertation work and research schedule. Mark down what you want to see accomplished by a given date, and work hard to meet those milestones.

  6. Find A Devil's Advocate

    Seek out someone who is in your field of expertise, but holds a different opinion on the topic of your paper. The more radical the difference of opinion the better! Be prepared for dissent and disagreement regarding your position on a certain issue

  7. Don't Be Discouraged!

    You and your thesis can expect to be beaten up a bit! Both the final paper and its author will be the stronger for it. Never get personal when it comes to differences in academic opinion, and never take it personally.

These are just a few tips that may make your business dissertation writing process go a little more smoothly. It will take time, probably more time than you plan! You will face challenges and have to overcome hurdles as you formulate your final paper. Be flexible, but keep your vision and your thesis always in the front of your mind. And remember that nothing good is easy!