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Guidelines for Newcomers: What Is a PhD Dissertation

A PhD dissertation

If you are searching for PhD dissertation, this means you are on that stage for your academic career where you finally get a few steps away from your doctorate degree. It can be rewarding to realize that you have finally reached that point in your career where you will be known as a qualified doctor. However, there is one final step standing between you and your doctorate degree and unquestionably, that is the dissertation. If you do not get it right, you will not get your degree. You may think of this as unfair but you need to make some extra efforts to have that doctor title with your name.

What your dissertation must have?

You may have written dissertations in bachelors or masters degrees, and by now, you should have an idea of how a dissertation should look like. Usually a PhD dissertation would take one or two semesters to be finally finished. Even it takes weeks and months for many students to choose their title and scope of work and get the synopsis approved. Here are a few things your PhD dissertation needs to have.

It must be unique

The most important thing is that your dissertation should be unique. Once you have heard and understood all the instructions from your teacher you can start researching your subject. After careful research, you will see which areas of the subject have already been discussed and written upon and which ones need attention. You should not use a topic for your paper that has already been used by other students in their dissertations. Try to come up with something that is unique and even controversial.

It must have the right topic

The right topic means a topic, that is not broad enough that you miss certain points or is not too narrow that it does not cover your subject. The topic needs to be precise, unique, catchy, and relevant.

It needs to have a catchy introduction

The introduction of your thesis is the first thing the dissertation committee will notice about your paper. It needs to be very well composed and should be able to hook them.


  • The data must be authenticated
  • Include references and citations
  • The overall tone of your paper must remain same
  • Your dissertation must be free of all grammatical and spell errors
  • Proof read your paper