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Who Can Write My Thesis for Me: 5 Tips That Will Save Your Time

Writing a thesis can be an intimidating process but I have some tips to save you time, stress, and maybe even a little money. Instead of hiring it out, I’ll give you a few tips for making it easier for you to write it yourself that REALLY work—I know they do. I almost had a nervous breakdown trying to finish my doctoral dissertation in a year—I just found out the reason I felt so depressed was complete adrenal and hormonal burnout. So, this can take it’s toll on you unless you have someone that takes to you the side and says, “Here, welcome into the inner circle—let me tell you what everyone ELSE is doing to survive—instead of pretending they are all just so smart that this is easy for this.

Five Tips to Revolutionize Your Thinking About Your Thesis


    The best thing I can tell you is to do what I did—ask the librarian in your library to help you find a sample thesis on your topic that you can imitate structurally and borrow some of their already completed research and properly cited works cited citations from. You cannot do anything better than this.

  2. Don’t make it such a big task you freak out.

    It will get done. Think of everything in your life that you said, “I will never be done with this.” Didn’t you always get “done with it?” You will this to – and then you will feel fantasitic and be able to excel in school.

  3. Length—it’s not really a 100 pages. It’s a bunch of mini papers!

    Given the way that APA has helped students to divide up papers with headers, students do not have to struggle so hard to create transitions between paragraphs or struggle to maintain one idea for a whole chapter. Use those headers—divide you thesis, no matter how short or long into lots of chapters and subsections—creating them as you go.

  4. One of the things I learned rather than pay for it later is to make a citation for every single thing you quote or paraphrase or refer to NOW. Don’t count on your memory when you are under stress like this---the memory will fail you.
  5. Do your research chapter by chapter so you won’t feel overwhelmed.