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Hospitality Dissertation Topics That Haven't Been Explored Yet

Hospitality and tourism are big business. Many countries owe almost their entire GDP to steady streams of visitors for business and pleasure who spend the money that spawns other dependent industries. It’s no wonder that many students look to this field for a career. If you happen to be one of them, here are some topics you can consider for your dissertation.

  • The rise of ‘Voluntourism’: Will older resorts still have a place in the industry?

    Many travelers are more aware of the environmental and social impacts their trips have on the countries they visit. As a result many try to mix their trip with a social aspect where they do something to assist the people they encounter. This essay can address the success of those trips and to what extent older resorts can compete.

  • The untapped territory of Mixed usage Eco-village/Resorts

    As environmental concerns become more important in all sectors, the appeal of resorts that are carbon neutral or built from recycled materials will only increase. As a result, a new type of resort may come about that fits that mold and even provides housing to locals by being mixed usage. This essay can discuss what that might be like and close existing examples.

  • Virtual Tourism: Technology enabled simulated vacations

    With better and better virtual reality technology becoming available, it is only a matter of time before a totally realistic virtual holiday exists. You can discuss when this could take place and what features it will probably incorporate.

  • The dawn of the themed Bed and Breakfast

    Themed restaurants are very popular many parts of the world. How soon do you foresee this becoming a part of B&B culture and to what extent?

  • Can the UAE experience ever be replicated?

    With unimaginable oil wealth at their fingertips, the government of the United Arab Emirates has created an extremely luxurious playground out of what was once a collection of quiet desert villages. With its mega sky scrapers and man made islands the question is, could any other country ever accomplish the same? If no, what is the closest alternative?

Look at each topic closely and see if you can spot something in any one oft them that inspires you. If you have access to the right sources of information, feel free to try and get your dissertation started.