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How to Select the Best Thesis Topics: an Effective Tutorial

If you think that you need to let your ideas breed in the vacuum deep thinking and introspection to perceive and realize them to contribute towards forming a good thesis topic, then you are on the wrong pathway. Good ideas in the form of challenging research topics do not breed in isolation to rejoice the defining moment when an extraordinary idea strikes the mind with a promise of an interesting journey of research and discovery. In fact it is the exact opposite, you cannot wait for an idea to crop up in your mind, but rather you must work towards gathering information that can be used as the breeding ground for further research and exploration. While doing this, you may come across a range of ideas and concepts that you could possibly translate into research. So, narrow application or interest to just one topic is rather bleak towards accomplishing your research goals in an efficient manner.

  1. There is no one great idea or topic for research, embrace all topics before going into specifics:
  2. What you ought to realize is that you must be open to a range of ideas and examine each to suit your research requirements without making any biased judgment on the topic selection. Single minded approach to pre determine a research topic that merely serves the entire purpose of investigation is something that creates a mental block to explore the creativity of writing a thesis through use of pre conceived notions and narrow minded approach towards the research topic selection without giving due weightage to a range of ideas and then forming an opinion on research topic selection. This methodology of topic selection is much more efficient due to the objectivity, impartiality and careful brainstorming involved with the role of selection of a topic giving due consideration to all the available options and select the best out of it which provided the best feast for a curious, interesting and knowledgeable research work through enhanced data collection practices made available through the gift of access to enhanced literature towards discussing and researching on the selected topic.

  3. Feasibility test of research topic:
  4. The idea is to check with the arguments, information, analytical avenues, scope for discussion and forming results that comes in alignment with gathering information from literature resources and evidence for the research topic that is selected.

  5. Narrow down to a specific topic:
  6. If the chances for greater exploration on these lines are high then the research topic turns out to be promising for a great piece of work and therefore must be selected by narrowing down to the specific topic.

Some topics are as listed below:

  • Human cloning: a dangerous preposition?
  • Genetically modified crops: an unhealthy option?
  • Jewish persecution: Most misrepresented religion in history
  • Flag rising in Iwo Jima: A great historic moment of America
  • Global warming: Facts versus unreasonable worry