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How to write a PhD thesis: beginning your paragraphs

By the time you get to the point in your educational career where you have to write the thesis for your PhD you should already know what you want it to be about. You should even have narrowed it down to a specific point in the topic. That part is half of the work of getting it started.

Write it down

Write down your topic along with what elements you hope to prove or disprove during the course of your thesis. By taking this step, it will help in keeping your research on track along the way. You could even use this later on as an outline with each bullet point being your points to prove or disprove. You could initially ask questions in order to find these points. Questions like how you explain the events or what were the consequences are often helpful. Remember the 5 W’s. Who, What, When, Where and Why.

Do the legwork

What this step includes basically is the research. While you are doing your research you should be keeping notes. These notes will be important in starting your paragraphs. Make sure that while you are taking notes that you are writing down the source information too for citations in your paper.

Organize it

This part is pretty simple if you have kept proper notes and research in a specific order. All it entails is that you match the notes to the specific points that you are proving and disproving. Once this is done you are ready to start writing.

Write it

If you have taken proper notes and followed the rest of the steps above then this should be the easy part. All you have to do is to formulate your own way of stating what you found during your research. Make sure that if you copy directly from a source that you make citations as soon as you do it.

Edit and Proofread

Editing and proofreading is an important part. In all of your writing there may have been things that sounded ok in your head but look ridiculous on paper. Read through it checking for spelling, grammar usage and that all of the question you posed were answered fully and descriptively. Also you should make sure to have a thoughtful and engaging thesis statement in the opening of the paper as well as at the end of the paper.

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