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Dissertation is a Very Large Project

Working on a dissertation is a big commitment, and students in their last years of school, or who are approaching their last year, can get very overwhelmed by this. Since your dissertation is supposed to be the very best work you can do, and defines your education as well as your career, it can cause a lot of worry under such high pressure. This is normal during the process of writing a dissertation, but it doesn’t have to take over your life. It is true that most students spend a lot of their time every week on their dissertations. It is as big a project as a full time job each day. In addition to your dissertation, you may also have family obligations, favors to do for friends, pets or children to take care of, other classes, and hobbies. This makes for a very busy schedule that can stress you out easily.

Balancing Life and your Dissertation

This is the hard part. Writing your dissertation isn’t that bad. Even the intensive research just takes time, not too much energy. The real trick is trying to find a happy medium between working on your dissertation and taking care of you real life. Different people will have different goals, but in general, your family will probably come first, then perhaps a job and then your dissertation, followed by hobbies or sports. Make your own list of priorities and figure out what means the most to you. This will tell you how to balance your time and what things are the most deserving of your time.

Now for the process of writing your dissertation, you could use a few tips. Even blocking out your time and focusing completely on your work during the hours you spend on your dissertation sometimes isn’t enough. If you have a list of what to accomplish in that time period, things will go even more smoothly for you. Here is an example:

  1. Outline chapter
  2. Research new quotes, statistics, studies, etc. to use as sources
  3. Write rough draft for chapter
  4. Insert complete quotes, smooth transitions
  5. Edit for spelling, grammar, punctuation

A session of a few hours might yield the above results. It just depends on the time that you have and how far along you are in your dissertation. Both of those factors will help you decide what to include in your own list.