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A List of Most Interesting Dissertation Topics

The topics for your dissertation depend on what your field of study is. Every field is incredibly vast and there are many disciplines of study and many places you could go within those fields. You could teach, you could be active in actual research and discovery within that field, or you could work within it. The possibilities are endless and so are the topics within those fields.

Take a Look at Your Field

With that said, the important thing to remember is that you can find a problem in any main topic. If you take a look at your field, branches in that field, and major topics and news items in those branches, you will find problems to take on in your dissertation. You can also use your text books that are focused on your field or the branch you wish for your dissertation to focus on

Your Proposal

If you’ve completed your dissertation proposal then you could stop reading now. You have what you need to do your dissertation and finish it successfully. You’re literally finished with your dissertation, just pull everything together and flesh your findings, thesis stamen, and conclusion out and so on. Your proposal is essentially the blueprint you’ll use to complete your dissertation and it does its job well.

Topics to Use

Below are a few somewhat vague topics to work with for your dissertation. You’ll have to do the research to actually draw out what you need to do your proposal and your dissertation, but they’re a good start. We’ve listed the topics by a few fields.

Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Research
  • Demographics
  • Buying Behavior
  • Technology


  • Civil Law
  • Common Law
  • Religious Law
  • Institutions
  • International Law
  • Contract Law


  • Broadcast advertising
  • Demographics
  • International advertising
  • Crowdsourcing

All it really takes to find topics to research for your dissertation is looking back at how your core studies were divided up and taught to you. If you learned law, you learned the different kinds of law and the levels and reach of those laws. If you’re in the science field, there are plenty of areas you can go with those. As stated earlier, the possibilities are endless as far as where you can go with your dissertation topic-wise.