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Is Online Dissertation Help Legit?

It almost seems too good to be true – money goes in and a beautifully polished thesis comes out, with no time or effort on your part. To stressed-out graduate students, online dissertation help might seem like exactly the help they need. Two main types of writing services exist: some will take a first draft of a thesis you wrote and edit it for you, while others will simply take your research notes and produce an entire thesis for you. But is this online dissertation help legitimate, or a scam designed to prey on desperate students?

As with any type of business or service, scams do exist. There are three types of scams that you should definitely be aware of when considering whether or not to pursue the use of online dissertation help:

  • Some companies will give you a wonderfully written thesis for your money, just as you asked. Closer inspection, however, will reveal that they’ve merely inserted your research results into a form paper, or plagiarized huge chunks of writing. Needless to say, this kind of scam can get you into a lot of trouble, without you even noticing that something is wrong.
  • Other kinds of fraud companies utilize cheap foreign writers with a questionable grasp of English, in place of the top-quality talent you were promised. You’ll get a thesis from them, all right, but it will be a thesis so poorly written and riddled with mistakes that you could never even consider using it.
  • The third type of scam is the simplest; your credit card details go into the website and no essay ever materializes. The scammers take your money and disappear, living you frustrated, angry and even farther behind on your deadline.

With so many scams floating around, it’s easy to be wary of online dissertation help. Don’t despair! Real, reputable editing and writing services do exist. There is a demand for professional online dissertation services, and so long as that demand exists with money to be made, there will be people willing to step in and fill that need. Academics pick up money on the side, or even make a comfortable living, by writing dissertations.

Online dissertation help can be legitimate and well worth the money you spend, so long as you are sure to:

  • Review writing samples if you are hiring a freelance writer. Anyone who makes a steady income by writing dissertations should have some excerpts of previous work to show you. If you don’t like what you’re reading, find another writer.
  • Check out reviews from previous customers. Professional companies and independent freelancers alike will have previous customers who have opinions of their work. If you find a lot of negative feedback about your chosen service, that probably isn’t the right dissertation help for you.